2011 Faculty Research

Dr. Jim Pokrywczynski: “Stop the Music...When It's Illegally Downloaded: Can Ads Change Behavior?”
Dr. Gee Ekachai and David Brinker: “Analysis of University Social Media Policies: Trends and Practices.”
Dr. Sarah Feldner: “Oh What a Crisis: An Examination of Toyota's Crisis Communication Response.”
Dr. Tom Isaacson: “What is the Financial Impact of Negative News About College Sports Teams? Using Fan Identification to Understand Audience Responses.”
Dr. Bob Shuter: “Intercultural New Media Research: Textiquettes, Culture and Communication.”
Dr. Pam Nettleton: “Let's Boil vs. Let's Roll: The Lost Labor of Women Rescue Workers in 9/11.”
Dr. Chioma Uguchukwu: “You Don't Own Me: Hollywood's Co-Optation of Feminist Strategies.”
Dr. Ana Garner and Dr. Karen Slattery: “Mobilizing Mothers During WWI.”
Dr. Sumana Chattopadhyay: “Issue Ownership in a Gubernatorial Primary Election.”
Dr. Bob Griffin: “Testing the Robustness of a Risk Information Seeking and Processing (RISP) Model.”


2011 Graduate Student Research

Nick Labinski: “Presidential Rhetoric: John F. Kennedy's Response to Khruschev's 1961 Berlin Ultimatum.”
Amanda Stageman: “Consulting Social Media in the College Decision-Making Process: Experiential Accounts of the Class of 2014.”
Kira-Lynn Reeves: “Similar Strangers: Computer-Mediated Communication of Social Support Among the Bereaved.”
Valerie Kretz: “Perceived Reality of Magazine Images of Women: A New Scale.”