2012 Faculty and Graduate Student Research

Thursday, April 26

Kira-Lynn Reeves: “Manna from the Glossy Pulpit: Food Advertising in Women's Magazines.”
Dr. Pamela Nettleton: “Brave Sperm and Demure Eggs: Fallopian Gender Politics on YouTube.”
Dr. Jim Pokrywczynski and David Brinker: “Event Marketing Sponsorship Impact: A Test of Congruency and Engagement in an Ethnic Festival Context.”
Dr. Joyce Wolburg: “The Role of Alcohol Consumption in the College Student Experience: How Drinking Rituals Take on New Meaning from Freshman to Senior Year.”

Friday, April 27

Caitlin Moyer: “The Relationship of Facebook Usage to Team Identification.”
David Kordus: “What's on (Digital) TV? Multicast Programming, the Public Interest Standard and the Scarcity Rationale.”
Priya Barnes: “The Prospects of Protecting News Content Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.”
Patrick Johnson: “Digital Preparation: Technology in High School Journalism Classrooms and Adviser Readiness for the Digital Journalism Transition.”
Ann Peru Knabe: “Applying Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior to a Study of Online Course Adoption in Public Relations Education.”
Chioma Ugochukwu: “Understanding the Uses and Impact of Social Networking Sites on College Students.”
Hang Lu: “Gloomy Euphoria or Joyous Melancholy? Nostalgic Experiences of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games in China:
A Qualitative Study.”
Steve Goldzwig: “What Has 'Self-Reliance' to do with Barack Obama's Upcoming Bid fr Reelection? A Few Unnerving Thoughts in the Search for a Campaign Theme.”
Allyson Corbin and Cassidy Garbutt: “Communicating Academic Pedigree: Organizational Identification and Self-Presentation Among College Students.”