Changing Bulletin Year to Graduate with 120 Credits

Please carefully read all the instructions below.

Earlier this year the Diederich College of Communication announced that, beginning with the Fall 2015 term, the number of credits required for graduation would be reduced from 128 to 120. While incoming freshmen will automatically follow the 2015-2016 undergraduate bulletin that reflects this change, you may also benefit.

To find out if you can benefit from this change, you need to run the “What If” report via your student center in Checkmarq. Before running the report, you must delete ALL courses that you have placed in your “planner.” After you create a what-if scenario and click on “create new report,” be sure to change the catalog year to Fall 2015. The report will use any major(s) and minor(s) that you have listed in CheckMarq. You can also choose different majors or minors. However, if you want to officially change your listed major or minor, you need to declare this using the university form for minors or the college form for majors.

Due to changes over time in the University Core of Common Studies, college core curriculum, and majors and minors, it is possible that changing to the 2015-16 bulletin is not an advantage because it adds requirements that were not in place when you entered Marquette. COMM 1050 is required for all students who entered in Fall 2014 or later. Students who entered before that date will not be required to take COMM 1050. This is the only exception that we will make. 

To change to the new bulletin year, complete a Change Degree/Major Requirements form available at MU Central’s website: Students who are opting to change bulletins must declare their intent by September 4, 2015 if they are graduating in fall 2015, and all other students must do so by December 11, 2015.