Dr. James Pokrywczynski

Associate Professor, Strategic Communication

Courses Taught
ADPR 4000: Sports Promotion
ADPR 4997: Ad Campaign Planning
ADVE 1400: Advertising Principles
COMM 2500: Introduction to Communication Research Methods

Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1986
M.S. University of Illinois
B.S. University of Illinois

Why Marquette?
The students here have a genuine interest in learning and bettering themselves and their world.

Research Interests
Sports marketing
International advertising
Brand tracking on social media

Professional Affiliations
American Academy of Advertising
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Professional Experience
Independent research consultant

Recent Publications
Pokrywczynski, J., & Lu, H. (in press). Brand tracking on social media: the role of country of origin perceptions. Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing.

Moyer, C., Pokrywczynski, J. and Griffin, R. (2015). The relationship of fans’ sports team identification and facebook usage to purchase of team products. Journal of Sports Media 10 (1), 31-49.

Pokrywczynski, J. and Brinker, D., (2014). Congruency and engagement test in an event marketing sponsorship context. Journal of Promotion Management 20 (3), 1-20.

Pokrywczynski, James, Carvalho, John and Preston. C. Tom (Fall 2012). The evolution of the ‘toy department’: A content analysis of newspaper sports sections since 1956. Journal of Sports Media, 7 (2), 61-73.

Pokrywczynski, James and Brinker, David (Autumn 2012). ‘Rogue’ celebrity endorsers: Using social identity theory to assess brand fit. Journal of Brand Strategy, 1 (3), 275-287.

Pokrywczynski, James, Sheehan, Brian and Tsao, James (Sept. 2012). Stop the music! How advertising can help stop college students from downloading music illegally.” Journal of Advertising Research, 52(3), 309-321.

Keenan, Kevin, and Pokrywczynski, James (2010). Ethnocentrism: A comparison of Arab and western audiences. Journal of Middle East Media, 6 (1), 2-13.

Pokrywczynski, James, Carvahlo, John and Preston, Tom (Fall 2010). Brand logos more prevalent in recent news sports photos.” Newspaper Research Journal, 31(4), 31-37.

Presentations and Paper
Pokrywczynski, J. V. (2016, March). "Analytics in a sports/event marketing context," Presenter at American Academy of Advertising, Seattle.

Pokrywczynski, James and Keenan, Kevin (2009). Country and region of origin as advertising copy points: Perceptions of Asia and Asian nations in the western and Arab worlds. Presented to American Academy of Advertising Asia-Pacific Conference, 5/21/09, Beijing, China.

Keenan, Kevin and Pokrywczynski, James (2009). A comparative analysis of consumer ethnocentrism among Arab and U.S. audiences. Presented to Arab-US Association for Communication Educators Conference, 11/09, Cairo, Egypt.

Pokrywczynski, James (January 26, 2007). Revisiting the distracting viewing environment for the Super Bowl and its relationship to ad recall. Proceedings of the 1st Ad Bowl Symposium, University of South Carolina, Columbia.