Alumni Spotlight


Tim will never forget spending his entire Christmas break in the basement of Johnston Hall, hunched over in the dark room until the wee hours. “I had to develop and print the hundreds of rolls of film that I had shot for the yearbook that fall,” he recalls. “Maybe it was the chemicals, but it became a religious experience in the creative process.”

His methods might have changed, but his dedication to the creative process has not. For 25 years, Tim has helped shape Hanson Dodge Creative into one of Milwaukee’s leading technology-driven agencies. Formerly the company’s president, he now wears the title of chief innovation officer, responsible for helping evolve HDC’s business models and market strategy.

“I love business, art and technology,” he says. “The ability to link creative brand thinking with exciting new technologies in the service of making businesses more successful is entirely satisfying.”

Tim has served on many local boards and has taken a special interest in Catholic education, sitting on the boards of Holy Family Parish, Dominican High School and the Catholic Community Foundation, among others.

He also volunteers with the Diederich College of Communication as a classroom speaker; has been a CIRCLES speaker and a partner for the PR + Social Media Summit; and is a member of the college’s advisory board. He is grateful for the role his alma mater has played in his life (and not just because it introduced him to his wife, Denise).

Says Tim, “The Jesuit tendency to question and explore and find the meaning in life is at the heart of what I do every day in my work.

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