Certificate in Digital Storytelling

The Only Program of its Kind in Milwaukee

The J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication offers a 15-credit hour graduate certificate in Digital Storytelling. The certificate is for those who want to understand the theoretical foundation of storytelling, apply it to the various disciplines in communication, and learn the applied skills in multimedia technology to competitive in the converged job market. Students who complete the certificate will learn different types of storytelling, such as informational, persuasive, and historical, and different forms of storytelling, such as public affairs journalism, fundraising, advertising, public relations, entertainment, as well as family stories. Students also learn different means for doing storytelling through documentaries, blogs, websites, print media, etc. Woven into the program are ethical considerations regarding who tells the story.

The program in Digital Storytelling has three options: students can earn a 15-hour certificate in Digital Storytelling by taking the three required courses and two electives; students in the degree program can apply selected courses in Digital Storytelling toward their M.A. degree in Communication; or students can earn both the Certificate in Digital Storytelling and the Master of Arts degree in Communication by fulfilling both sets of requirements.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate in Digital Storytelling requires the completion of three required courses (9 credits) and two elective courses (6 credits) for a total of 15 credits. One of the required courses is a capstone. Students should consult their adviser or the associate dean for Graduate Studies and Research when deciding upon electives.

Required Courses

All students must complete the following three courses:

COMM 6850: The Craft of Digital Storytelling
COMM 6900: Storytelling in Public Life
COMM 6997: Capstone in Digital Storytelling

Elective Courses

Students select two courses from the following list of electives:

ADPR 6600: Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns
DGMD 6250: Multimedia Communication
COMM 6750: Media and the Information Society
COMM 6964: Proseminar and Practicum in Digital Journalism
JOUR 6500: Journalism as Literature
JOUR 6800: Public Affairs Reporting
JOUR 6850: Specialized Reporting

Gainful Employment Disclosure
*Although the wording in the Success section of the Gainful Employment form refers to 2013-14, the data actually reports those who completed between 2014-15.