Diederich Ideas Student Production Wins College Emmy Award

The student-produced "Diederich Ideas: Reporting from the Front Line" program was awarded a college Emmy by the Television Academy at a November 18 ceremony in Chicago.

The program featured a panel discussion and pre-recorded interviews with a number of locally and nationally recognized media professionals, and focused on reporting during times of conflict.

"Diederich Ideas" was produced by MUTV, with help from the Marquette University Instructional Media Center. The crew included director Lori Dilaveri, producer Jodi Denk, Associate Producer Kyel White, Associate Director/Camera Peter Aksamit, Lighting Designer Derek Hudgin, Audio/Package Narrator Charlie Brault, Stage Manager Francesca Reed, Floor Director Carly Kroll and Camera Operators Ryan Chambers, Phillip Wallimaa, Maria Sapienza and Chris Visser. Production Assistants included Elizabeth Schilder, Amanda Goeppner and Evan Peterson. The program was moderated by Jordan Abudayyeh and edited by Jodi Denk, Loreta Dilaveri and Chris Visser. Director of Special Events Julie Rosene, Faculty member/Student Adviser Barb Volbrecht and Instructor April Newton also provided the team with support during production.

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Posted 11/19/2012