Dr. Scott D'Urso

Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Courses Taught
CCOM 2000: Issues in Corporate Communication
CMST 2600: Foundations of Communication Studies
CMST 3200: Organizational Communication
CMST 4260: New Communication Technologies in the Workplace
CMST 4600: Communication Consulting
COMM 6002: Communication Research in Action
CMST 6200: Organization Communication

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin (2004)
M.A., University of Texas at El Paso (1999)
B.A.,  University of Texas at El Paso (1994)

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Why Marquette?
I enjoy the atmosphere of education and discovery here at Marquette. The university offers an ideal place to conduct research and present the latest findings to our students. Furthermore, I look forward to the ongoing opportunity to work with and build solid relationships with the students.

Research Interests
Organizational Communication; New Communication Technologies & Computer-Mediated Communication; Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance in the Workplace

Professional Affiliations
National Communication Association
International Communication Association

Selected Publications
D'Urso, S. C., Fyke, J. P., & Torres, D. H. (2014). Exploring organizational communication (micro) history through network connections, The Review of Communication, 14(2), 89-106.

D’Urso, S. C., & Scott, C. R. (2011). Engaging the digitally engaged student: Comparing technology-mediated communication use and effects on student learning [CH 9]. In S. P. Ferris (Ed.), Teaching, learning with the net generation: Concepts and tools for reaching digital learners (pp. 150-170). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Feldner, S. B., & D'Urso, S. C. (2010). Threads of intersection and distinction: Joining an ongoing conversation within organizational communication research. Communication Research Trends, 29(1), 4-28.

D'Urso, Scott C. & S.A Rains (2008). Examining the scope of channel expansion: A test of channel expansion theory with new and traditional communication media. Management Communication Quarterly, 21, 486-507.

D’Urso, S. C. (2006). Who’s watching us at work? Toward a structural-perceptual model of electronic monitoring and surveillance in organizations. Communication Theory, 16, 282-303.

Presentation and Paper
D'Urso, S. C., & Fyke, J. P. (2015, October), Organizational Communication Mini-Conference, "Organizational Communication Genealogy Project - Website Introduction," Paper presented and Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.