2014-2015 Faculty appointments and elections

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Sarah Bonewits Feldner, associate professor of Communication Studies and Corporate Communication

Gretchen and Cyril Colnik Chair in Communication

John Pauly, professor of Journalism and Media Studies, will become the Gretchen and Cyril Colnik Chair in Communication.

Department Chairs

    Three-year term appointments to begin in Fall 2014:
  • Gee Ekachai, associate professor, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Scott D'Urso, associate professor, Department of Communication Studies
  • John Pauly, professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies
  • Erik Ugland, associate professor (Digital Media) and Chester Loffler-Bell, artistic assistant professor (Performing Arts) are appointed to serve one semester to replace Stephen Hudson-Mairet, who is on sabbatical in Fall 2014, as joint Chairs of Digital Media and Performing Arts.

Congress President

Kati Berg, associate professor of Strategic Communication

Thanking last year's leaders

Thank you to our colleagues Steve Goldzwig, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and Jim Scotton, Karen Slattery, Jim Pokrywczynski and Lynn Turner for their departmental leadership over the past year. Thanks also to Sarah Feldner for her work as college Congress president.