Do you know exactly what you'd like to study in college, or are you confused about where to begin?

To help you gain an understanding of what to study as an incoming Freshman, Dean Cramer, one of our very own Digital Media majors, captured these videos of some of our communication students who discuss what specifically drew them to their majors. Whether they knew what they wanted to study or were undecided when they enrolled at Marquette, they all discovered new interests and talents. Click on their names to hear their stories or listen to them all at once here.

Go ahead—take our video tour and learn about all the exciting things you can do in communication at Marquette!

Content Block Image Dena Vang, Public Relations

Dena enjoys building and managing relationships, which is what drew her to public relations. She talks about why she enjoys her field, gives us a taste of what public relations professionals do and offers some internship advice to communication students.
Content Block Image Sarah Beattie, Corporate Communication

Sarah tells us what corporate communication classes are all about, but it's just one of the many things she has studied at Marquette. She credits her broad range of coursework as instrumental in helping her land a great internship.
Content Block Image A. J. Magoon, Theatre Arts

By his junior year of high school, A. J. knew that he wanted to pursue acting as a career. In this video, he discusses how he came to decide on theatre as a major, how having a well-rounded curriculum and experiences is enhancing his career and the amazing opportunities for theatre students at Marquette.
Content Block Image Josh Kujawinski, Digital Media

When he was young, Josh spent hours creating videos and uploading them to the web. He came to Marquette not really sure what he wanted to study and was amazed to discover that he was able to turn his childhood passion into a career. Listen as Josh discusses his experience and offers advice on finding your passion.
Content Block Image Kelly Meyerhofer, Journalism

Kelly started at Marquette, thinking she would pursue to law school. That all changed once she enrolled in journalism classes. Kelly discovered her talent for writing and realized that her interest in news stories made journalism the right major for her. Thanks to her foresight, she started an internship her sophomore year and continues to acquire great experience.