Media Studies


Question the media’s relationship with and role in a democratic society. Engage in critical analysis to assess media practices and messages. Study the impact of the media on individual perceptions, issues of social justice, public policy and the media industry itself. Rooted in the liberal arts discipline, the Media Studies major gives you the theoretical and methodological background to excel as a media scholar and critic.

Draw on all communication disciplines, from journalism to advertising to public relations and film, to examine media within a historical, cultural, social, economic, legal and ethical context. Understand and make sense of contemporary society that is constructed through mediated messages.

Develop theoretical and methodological skills needed to research, understand and critically evaluate the media. Examine the historical and legal practices and relationships between media, culture and society. Understand and critically evaluate the ethical responsibilities of the media. Learn to critically evaluate the media and media messages and their individual and social impact.

Complete a Senior Thesis. Using theories, concepts and research skills, focus your expertise and conduct original research that examines the media’s role and impact on contemporary society.

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the Media Studies major, the graduate is able to:

    • Articulate the historical and contemporary practices of media in society.

    • Explain the legal constraints on the media.

    • Critically evaluate the ethical responsibilities of media in society.

    • Apply theories and methods of media criticism and research to examine the ways in which organizational, legal, ethical, social, cultural, political and economic factors impact media messages.

    • Apply theories and methods to critically evaluate media and media messages and to gauge their individual and social impact.

Career Paths
University Professor
Secondary or Elementary Teacher
Media Critic

As a media studies graduate you’ll not only be prepared to pursue graduate degrees but also work in public sector media research firms, businesses and professions requiring media research expertise (including but not limited to politics, marketing, non-profit and government organizations).

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