Corporate Communication

Be Part of the Solution

Be part of the solution. Guide corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies in communicating with their employees and with the world. As one of only a few universities offering a corporate communication major, Marquette puts you on the leading edge.

Be strategic. Understand how communication shapes corporate identity, culture and vision. Learn to critically evaluate organizational needs, develop an appropriate strategy and create communications that connect with the target audience.

Be an advocate. Develop the skills to help an organization establish a distinct identity in an information-saturated world. And make yourself a voice for responsible corporate citizenship, building on Marquette’s Jesuit tradition of social justice.

Go beyond. In addition to internships, classes put you in an organizational setting where you learn to apply communication theories, principles and practices. Gain the flexibility to adapt to trends in corporate life, within departments and across organizations.

Develop a vision. Learn how you can be central to helping a corporation establish a distinct identity in a global environment with a corporate communication major.

Be heard. One of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is being heard in an information-saturated environment. The corporate communication major gives you a seat at the table when decisions are being made about how to strengthen a corporation's voice.

Learning Outcomes
Work in the corporate environment will require students to accurately assess internal and external corporate communication needs and frame strategic responses that are appropriate to multiple contexts and audiences. Students will also need to understand the role of the corporation within our contemporary global society as well as the way in which communication helps shape, maintain and ultimately transform various aspects of corporate identity, culture and vision.

The Corporate Communication major is designed to address these needs by providing a broad-based curriculum that draws from both theory and practice. After successfully completing this major, students will be able to think critically about the role of the corporation, understand the intersection of corporate and communication practice and develop skills that can be applied across various corporate contexts. At the completion of the Corporate Communication major, the graduate is able to:

    • Articulate the relationship between the communication function and other business functions of corporations.

    • Explain corporate identity based on understanding of the significance of the corporate voice.

    • Assess internal and external corporate communication needs and develop strategic communication plans.

    • Effectively communicate with multiple stakeholder groups using various modes of communication.

    • Articulate the roles corporations play within the larger social, cultural, political and economic context of our contemporary global society.

Sample Internships
Assurant Health
Brevient Technologies
Children’s Hospital System
Direct Supply
Discovery World Museum
Kaiser Group
March of Dimes
MU Office of Marketing and Communication
Northwestern Mutual Life
Office of the Governor
Pettit National Ice Center
Rockwell Automation
The Leadership Institute
Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Recent Job Placements
Harley Davidson
Charleston Orwig
Northwestern Mutual
Indiana Chamber of Commerce
SRA International
OMD – Digital Media
Bader and Rutter

As a Corporate Communication graduate, you’ll have the expertise to enter corporate communication departments, organizational communication fields and consulting industries. You’ll be prepared to work not only in corporate settings but also non-profit and government organizations.

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