Dr. Ana Garner

Professor and Chair, Journalism and Media Studies

Courses Taught
COMM 4500: Race and Gender Issues in Mass Media
COMM 6100: Qualitative Research Methods in Communication
JOUR 4510: Magazine Design and Production

Undergraduate: Douglass College, Rutgers University
Graduate: University of Iowa
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Why Marquette?
The opportunity to work with students and faculty within an intellectual environment that stresses cura personalis and service to others. What a wonderful combination!

Research Interests
Cultural studies and popular culture, including issues related to race, gender, class and children.

Professional Affiliations
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
National Communication Association
International Communication Association
Organization for the Study of Language, Communication and Gender

Professional Experience
Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer (1978-present)
Editorial and Design Consultant (1978-present)
Alternate Media Representative for the Milwaukee County Local Emergency Planning Committee (1994-1998)

Recent Publications

Garner, A. and Michel, A. (Accepted 2015) “The Birth Control Divide: U.S. Press Coverage of Contraception 1873-2013.” Journalism and Communication Monographs.

Slattery, K. and Garner, A. (2015) “News Coverage of U.S. Mothers of Soldiers During the Vietnam War: Shedding the Image of Spartan Motherhood.” Journalism Practice. 9:2, 265-278.

Garner, A. (2015) “Wicked or Warranted? U.S. Press Coverage of Contraception 1873-1917” Journalism Studies, 16:2, 228-242.

Garner, A. and Mendez, E. (2014) “The Never-ending Struggle: U.S. Press Coverage of Contraception 2000-2013.” Journalism, 1464884914558912.

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Garner, A. & Dyer, C.S. (1987). Iowa guide: scholarly journals in mass communication and related fields. Iowa City: Iowa Center for Communication Studies. Also edited and expanded subsequent editions #2-4 in 1988, 1989, and 1991 respectively.