Be a Leader in A Dynamic, Evolving Field

Build a groundbreaking website. Publish an online magazine. Live tweet March Madness. Write a film review. Cover the next election. Edit the business section. Produce news video. Deliver the entertainment news.

Learn about the world. Report on the world. Change the world.

Marquette journalists work in print and electronic media, reporting and editing and publishing stories that change lives and affect the way people think.

Journalism students combine the journalism major with majors or minors in law, business, government, languages, gender studies—wherever their key interests lie.

Journalism can take you anywhere you want to go.

Promote the people’s right to know. Learn how to mine databases, social media and Internet sources, access public records, and research complex issues and events. Gain practical experience in contacting key sources and interviewing thought leaders. Sharpen your skills in synthesizing information and presenting it clearly to readers.

Tell stories with a difference. The basis of all journalism is telling a story in a compelling way. How do you become a fast, competent, clear writer? Apply the critical thinking skills you acquire in all Marquette courses, and practice, practice, practice. Marquette journalists begin in “boot camp,” polishing grammar and AP style skills until they become second nature. Then, advanced writing courses zero in on the specific fields that interest you: sports, the arts, politics, business, and more.

Deliver journalism across all media formats. Tweet, blog, shoot, edit, report, write and publish. Modern journalists must arrive on the job ready to work in all formats. The journalism curriculum prepares you to do just that, and our award-winning student media offers employer-impressing, hands-on experience in our television and radio studios and our newspaper, magazine, and online newsrooms.

Jump start your career. In addition to student media, Marquette students often create their own websites and publish their own online magazines. Students also contribute to and work with the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service is housed right in Johnston Hall. The NNS is a multimedia website providing objective, professional reporting on urban issues in central city Milwaukee communities. And, students gain valuable practical experience and make professional connections at internships. Plus, Marquette alumni are legendary for supporting new grads and helping journalists network.


Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the Journalism major, the graduate is able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in the creation and presentation of integrated news messages using a range of print and electronic media aimed at appropriate audiences.
  • Identify, explain and critique the norms and values of the profession.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between journalism and law, ethics and culture.
  • Have developed a portfolio and a career plan.


Recent Internships
Sports Illustrated magazine
Washington Post
Esquire magazine
Associated Press
ESPN Milwaukee
WABC-TV in New York
Clear Channel Milwaukee
Third Coast Daily, Milwaukee arts online magazine
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Magazine
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Womans Day
Milwaukee Magazine
The Business Journal of Milwaukee


Recent Employers
CNN Online
Seattle Times
Clear Channel Media
Sports Illustrated
Chicago Tribune
Associated Press
Indianapolis Star
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
National Catholic News Service
Catholic Herald
Milwaukee Magazine
Cleveland Sun
Cleveland Scene
Salem Statesman Journal


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