Student testimonials

Jennifer Shine
2008 recipient of the Rev. John J. Walsh, S.J. Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship, pictured above playing Amalia in Marquette Theatre's production of She Loves Me.

“Receiving the Rev. Walsh Performing Arts Scholarship was an incredible honor that further inspired my work at Marquette. It was wonderful to know that others believe in me and in my goals and dreams. My hope is to do the same for others once I leave Marquette by sharing the inspiration the Walsh Scholarship gave me.”

Robert (Robbie) Shimp
2007 recipient of the J. William and Mary Diederich Scholarship

“The Diederich Scholarship has changed my life. As a result of their generosity, I am able to attend my dream school, a reality that would have been otherwise impossible due to financial constraints. The faculty as well as the facilities are absolutely top-notch, and as a result I am flourishing in ways I hadn’t imagined.”

Tiffany Imburgia
2008 recipient of the Dean Hugo Hellman Academic Achievement Award

“Receiving the Dean Hugo Hellman Award was both an economic and personal blessing for me. With the current economy, every little bit helps, especially as my family works to figure out how to send my little brother to college soon. The award motivated me to continue seeking challenges in and out of the classroom. I have taken on leadership roles in student organizations and participated in multiple internships in the Milwaukee community.”