Dr. Amanda Keeler

Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Performing Arts

Courses Taught
DGMD 2335 Introduction to Scriptwriting
DGMD 3840 Film and Television Aesthetics
DGMD 4810 Radio and Television History
DGMD 4345 Advanced Scriptwriting
COMM 6820 Digital Storytelling

Ph.D., Indiana University (2011)
M.A., University of Chicago (2003)
B.A., Indiana University (1997)

Why Marquette?
The Diederich College of Communication curriculum helps to prepare students to evaluate media critically. At Marquette University I can work with students who seek to learn about and improve the world around them.

Professional Affiliations
American Studies Association
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
International Association For Media and History (IAMHIST)

Recent Publications
“Old New Media: Closed-Circuit Television and the Classroom.” Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Forthcoming 2017.

“Gender, Guns, and Survival: The Women of The Walking Dead.” Dangerous Discourses: Feminism, Guns, Violence, and Civic Life. Edited by Catherine Squires. New York: Peter Lang. Forthcoming 2016.

“Defining a Medium: The Educational Aspirations for Early Radio.” Journal of Radio & Audio Media 23:2 (November 2016).

“Premature Adulthood: Alcoholic Moms and Teenaged Adults in the ABC Afterschool Specials.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video 33.6 (2016): 483–500.

“Branding the Family Drama: Genre Formations and Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls.” Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls. Edited by David Scott Diffrient and David Lavery. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2010. 19–35.

Digital Publications

"First Impressions: Fear the Walking Dead" Antenna blog (August 2015).

The Walking Deadwood? The Western and the Post-Apocalyptic Tale. (February 2015) Antenna blog.

Style and Substance in Veronica Mars. (June 2014) In Media Res blog.

Toward a Television Aesthetic (Again). (March 2014). Antenna blog.