Dr. Lawrence Soley

Colnik Professor of Communication, Journalism and Media Studies

Courses Taught
COMM 3800: Media Law
COMM 2100: Visual Communication
COMM 6650: Sociology of Communication

Ph.D. Michigan State University

Why Marquette?
Marquette University offers great opportunities to faculty and students. There is a remarkable flexibility in the courses that students can take, what faculty can teach, and in the areas that research is conducted.

Research Interests
Private Restrictions on Free Speech, Unlicensed Radio, Projective Techniques

Recipient, Society of Professional Journalists' "Sigma Delta Chi" Award for article in Mother Jones, 1991.

Recipient, Project Censored (alternative journalism) Award for article in Dollars & Sense, 1996.

Recipient, American Academy of Advertising Journal of Advertising "Best Article" Award, 1992.

Listed as one of the most frequently published researchers in advertising through 1990 (Journal of Advertising).

Listed as one of the most frequently published mass communication researchers during the Eighties (Journalism Quarterly)

Professional Affiliations
American Academy of Advertising
National Communication Association
Association for Education in Journalism

Professional Experience
Alternative journalist. Most recently served as a contributing writer for City Pages (Minneapolis). Dr. Soley's research articles have appeared in Journalism Quarterly, Journal of Communication, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Newspaper Research Journal, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Communication, Media Studies Journal, In These Times, Dollars & Sense, Mother Jones, CAQ, Utne Reader and other publications.

Recent Publications
Soley, L. (2010). Projective techniques in U.S. marketing and management research: The U.S. tradition. Qualitative Market Research, 13 (4), 334-353.

Soley, L. and R. Craig. (2009). Graduate level research methods courses: What are we being taught? 2009 proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising (pp.120-129). Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control.

Soley, L. (2008). Community renegades: Micro-radio and the unlicensed radio movement. In M.C. Keith (Ed.), Radio Cultures: The sound medium in American life (pp. 261-286). New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Soley, L. and Smith, Aaron Lee (2007). Conflicts of interest in marketing research. 2007 marketing and public policy proceedings (pp. 150-157). Chicago: American Marketing Association.

Soley, L. (2007). Sex and shock jocks: An analysis of the Howard Stern and Bob & Tom shows. Journal of Promotion Management, 13 (pp.73-91). Sole authored.

Candeub, A., J. Chester and Soley, L. (2007). The corporatization of communication. Seattle University Law Review, Summer 2007, 30 (4), (959-990). Based on presentation at conference on Corporations and the First Amendment.

Soley, L. (2006). Private censorship, corporate power. In R. Atkins & S. Mintcheva (Eds.), Censoring culture: Contemporary threats to free expression (pp. 15-29). New York: New Press.

Soley, L. (2006). Corporations threaten free speech. In John Boaz (Ed.), Current controversies: Free speech (pp. 197-206). Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale.

Soley, L. (2006). Measuring responses to commercials: A projective-elicitation approach. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, 28, 55-64.

Bonewits Feldner, S. and Lawrence Soley (2006). Transparency in communication: An evaluation of conflict-of-interest policies in communication research journals. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 209-228.

Soley, L. (2006). Semantic differential scales in advertising research: A critical appraisal. 2006 proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising (pp. 10-19). Austin: University of Texas.

Censorship, Inc. (Monthly Review Press)
Free Radio: Electronic Disobedience (Westview)
Radio Warfare (Praeger)
The News Shapers (Praeger)
Leasing the Ivory Tower (South End), selected as one of the most important books of 1995 by Project Censored.
Clandestine Radio Broadcasting (Praeger, with J. Nichols), selected as an “outstanding book” by Choice Magazine.

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